The worst thing in the world is an old, black, rotting banana spawning fruitflies.

Also one that’s OOZING BANANA JUICE?!?!?!!??!?

But even worse is that banana phase when there are enough spots on the banana that no one wants to eat it, so my family makes ME eat it.  LOOK WHAT THEY MAKE ME DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  SAVE MEEEEEEEEEE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  IF I DON’T GET A-PRUS, DEY’LL MAKE ME EAT ARR DA BRACK BANANAAA.

Good thing I get all the A+s.

As a consequence, all the black bananas keep piling up, though.  Which are perfect for baking!  But the only banana recipes that you ever find are laaaaame, like banana bread or banana muffins or banana bread batter in muffin tins, and they’re all the same boring thing.

So I used my Azn senses (^_^) to find something exotic and more exciting, and I found these BANANADUMPLINGS!!!

They looked supercute, but as I read on, I realized it was just another IMPOSTOR.  THESE ARE NOT DUMPLINGS.  THEY’RE JUST CUTE LITTLE ORIENTAL-SOUNDING PANCAKES!  YOU CAN’T FOOL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But they taste really good.  I felt really bad for liking this fake Chinese food (faker than that Panda crap you guys eat every Friday night!) (actually, wait no, I think that’s really panda crap they feed you.  It’s cheap.  Y’know…  Made in China.), so I ate some bread to console myself.  But then the Azn inside of me cried a little.

You can’t win, I learned.  NEEDZ MAOR A+!!!!!!!!!!  Always.  At least until you reach OVER 9,000…..  Then I don’t know WHAT to do =/

I guess I’ll just have to find moar banana recipes.


Anyway, this one isn’t half-bad.  I prefer to think that it IS because I’m an optimist.  They say always being all negative really makes you a Debbie Downer.

I also really enjoyed using the most versatile kitchen utensil in the WHOOOOOOOOOLE WORLDDDD.  Not only can it whisk and whip, it can also mix and mash, all in just 30 SECONDS!!  And if you call now, you can get not ONE but TWOOO for the low low price of $19.95.  Three times.  BUT WAIT—–THERE’S MORE!

That’s what they told me at the grocery store.  The “MORE” part was a ladle, which sounded really useful at the time, but then I realized it was just a cheap trick to get me to buy the whisks.  But it was worth it cause I am SO. GLAD. that I have two whisks.  You people with one don’t know what you’re missing.

I use one whisk to do normal whisk-y things and the other whisk to mash up bananas =D

It was pretty easy making the batter, since IT WAS PANCAKE BATTER o_O

The hard part was eating them all.  There were SO MANY.  The recipe said it “makes about 16 dumplings”.  Well, IT’S ALL LIESSSSSSSSSS.  LIES I TELL YOU.  “I’ll always love you.”  WHAT A LOAD OF PANDA SHIT.

It was also difficult to eat them because they were SO CUTE.

Look at the little heart I made!

And then the last one looked like a little baby I made in the frying pan because it had the same little flower pattern!

So precious.