This skirt sucks.

But not nearly as much as I do [at meeting my personal deadlines].

I blame my little cousin for this one.  It was my intention to finish this sewing project Wednesday morning, but instead of doing that, I had to babysit him.  And this was not some I’m-gonna-get-paid-to-gossip-with-my-girls-during-a-four-hour-long-three-way-calling-session babysitting.  This little guy made me play with him.  WHATTABRAT.

Just kidding.  He’s great.  And supercute.

But seriously, whoever invented “playing” is an asshole.  There is nothing I hate more than not doing work and–god forbid–having fun.  With children, nonetheless.


So yeah, about this skirt.

I bought it at Walmart (you know this can’t be good) during the start of my I’m-going-to-buy-tons-of-dresses-and-skirts phase, which has yet to end, mostly because my mom didn’t like it and thought it was “childish”.  I hate to admit it, but I think she was right.  Even if she was wrong, this skirt is still awful awful awful because it doesn’t match with ANYTHING because it is approximately a million different colors and at least three (you know how the line between colors in a spectrum doesn’t really exist?).

The way the blue of the skirt clashes with the blue of my shirt is absolutely intolerable.

It’s also kind of see-through O_O

But there’s one thing I like about it.  When I walk down stairs, the RIDICULOUS frill poofs out in a really cool way.

Also, this:

But that wasn’t going to save it from getting completely demolished and rebuilt.  Because shirts are a lot easier to pair with things (jeans) than skirts are (because you can’t wear a skirt with jeans–sad, I know).

I am always in need of more tank tops with wide enough straps to hide bra straps.  I used to be laaaaaaame and really care about visible bra straps, but now I don’t give a FUCK.  (But really, I still think it’s a bit tacky, and I try to avoid it, if possible.)

As always, I got lucky, and removing the cloth that was wrapped around the elastic band yielded a perfect stretch of cloth for making the straps.

I’m still a lucky bastard.

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was doing this instead of packing, and it was getting pretty late, so I was just really speedily sewing.  Basically, I cut off a bit of fabric to make it the right width/circumference around my body.  The first time, I kind of picked a random spot that seemed right to sew across to make the skirt-shirt fit, but that was waaaaaaaaaaaay too tight, and I almost gave myself hypoxia when I somehow fit it over my shoulders and wore it.  Then I fixed that, tacked on the straps quickly, and hand-sewed a piece of the front to the side to make it look just a bit less like the original skirt and to give it a bit more character.

I don’t think this picture really does the shirt justice because I actually REALLY like this shirt, and it just looks ok in the picture.  But ohwells.

Please pardon my crazy weird haircut that I gave myself.

My mom hates it, though.  Thus, FUCKING SUCCESS!