I decided to make hummus and start this blog instead of exercising >_<

The worst thing in the world is feeling slightly drowsy at a reasonable hour of the night (=Normal People’s bedtime, perhaps even late by Normal People standards) only to find myself lying in bed with too many thoughts and ideas to fall asleep.  Since I’m usually severely sleep-deprived, anything over 10 minutes seems far far too long to be waiting for my brain to switch from alpha waves to theta.  But I suppose this one time wasn’t so bad because I started thinking about food blogs and web design and how I’d like to try out this blogging thing just for fun.  And I’m currently having a lot of fun =D

I realized that nearly everything I cook/bake/create nowadays comes from smitten kitchen or Brown Eyed Baker, so a blog about my food adventures wouldn’t be very interesting; I’d basically just be reblogging their posts, and I’m not going for a tumblr-type blog here.  (Note: I have nothing against tumblr; I just don’t want to be reblogging reblogged things with a string of likes attached to everything.  I actually don’t really want anyone to be reading this blog, except for a select few close family members and friends, SO STOP READING NOW IF YOU WEREN’T INVITED.  But really, I just thought it would be fun to put something pretty together on the internet that I can call my own.)

I realize this blog will be more or less abandoned during the school year, but I hope to pick it back up during Christmas Break, when I will be fer shur quilting my darling mother a quilt, and basically whenever I choose to sew over study.  Or make something that looks extra tasty, even in photograph form.


I made hummus earlier, but it wasn’t all that pretty.  Pretty tasty and pretty cool when I was scooping it out into a bowl, and it was this swirly pile of colloidal deliciousness, but not exactly photogenic…