An Introduction


Hi!  My name is Margot, and “I go to school in Boston.”  I’m in college so that I can fulfill my objective of marrying into a rich family and becoming a (well-educated) housewife.  This blog’s sole purpose is to show off my sewing (and, occasionally, cooking and baking) abilities to eligible bachelors and their wealthy parents.

But, really, I started this blog late into the summer after my freshman year of college because I had just finished an indescribably amazing summer research program, and I had a few weeks left before school started back up again.  There were quite a few items on my to-do list:

  • scour my favorite food blogs for delicious recipes
  • execute these recipes
  • brush up on my Chinese
  • study organic chemistry in anticipation for Death by Orgo, Part II
  • make a dress out of this crazy kimono thing my grandmother bought me years ago that never really fit me/I never had an occasion to sport around town
  • turn my (mostly) unflattering maxi dress into a cuter, shorter dress
  • make a long skirt from scratch for ballroom practices
  • craft a skirt into a shirt
  • craft a shirt out of a dress
  • find a rich guy to marry

So yeah, a lot of sewing projects.  And some pressing academic issues.  And a lot of delicious food bloggery, which inspired me to try out this whole blogging thing for myself.

Plus web design/computer science/hacking really intrigues me, and there’s no better time to start something new than the summer!  (Of course, there’s also no better time to review and get a head start on Chinese and orgo, but, as always, I have my priorities straight.  Always.)


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