“Pigu” sounds like “ass” in Mandarin.

And after I popped them into the oven, my dad walked into the kitchen and declared (yes, he didn’t just say, he declared), “What are you making that smells so STANKY?!”

The main ingredient is cheese, and you know the saying “Who cut the cheese?”…

I think this food is aptly named.


So I love bread.  Like, LOVE.  I’m currently somewhat of a misandrist right now, too, so if I were given the choice between marrying a hunk of man or a loaf of bread, I’d go for the loaf of bread.

The most embarrassing thing about me, though (since I do a lot of baking), is that I SUCK at making bread and bready-type things.  My pizza dough is alright, but one time I made biscuits, and my dad liked them because they were buttery and salty, but no one touched them the next day.  I didn’t even touch them the first day.  I also attempted to make whole wheat dinner rolls once.  FAILURE.  I tried salvaging that by hacking at the rolls with a pastry blender after double toasting them to make homemade bread crumbs, but I never really use bread crumbs that often, so it was still kind of a waste =(

So maybe I would choose a man who bakes really good bread over bread itself.  Maybe.


This dough is supposed to be more of a pasta dough than a bread dough.

My brother insisted that I use the “two-fork technique” to mix in the flour.

The dough kept being really sticky, so I kept adding more flour until it was manageable.  But that didn’t work out too well.

I blame my brother.  He was the one that claimed “dough should not be that sticky”.

“NEEDZ MOAR FLOUR!!!!!!!!!!!” he said.

The dough did end up looking pretty okay.  Maybe I didn’t roll it out thin enough (I am SO bad at eyeing measurements).  Either way, there was definitely too much flour, so it was definitely my brother’s fault that it didn’t turn out the best.  But it turned out ok.

I knew something was really off, though, because I didn’t even grate quite as much cheese as the recipe said to use, but after filling up six pockets of pigu and using up all my dough, I had barely made a dent in the pile of eggy cheesey peppery filling.

Yeah, I used the same picture for “Before” and “After”. I thought that was the best way to illustrate my point.

The little asses I MEAN pigus(?) tasted alright, but since I had all this filling left, and I thought I was so close to making a delicious bready cheesey thing, I decided to try again the next day.

I added less flour this time, rolled it out a bit thinner…

Look how good I am at rolling out dough!

And STILL, there was leftover cheese.  I was baffled.  And frustrated.  So I decided to just mash up the rest of the cheese with what was left of the dough and roll it into a ball of odium and disgust at this witch-recipe.

Guess what I did with that knife.

But everything actually turned out really well.  Even my “biscuits”–my brother thought they tasted pretty good after complaining that my first batch of pigu was “bland”.

I should have started raging earlier.

And the actual pigu looked (and tasted) quite a bit better, too, I think.


But I don’t know if I’d make this recipe again.  I was decently happy with how everything turned out, and I might be more likely to attempt the “biscuits” again than the actual pigu, but even the “biscuits” leave something to be desired…

Again, I’d prefer a loaf of bread.


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