love of making breakfast + fondness of eating breakfast – desire to wake up for breakfast = ?

Solution: breakfast for dinner.


I usually go for the simple and healthy things because I like being healthy (steel-cut oatmeal <3), but most of the fun things to make are a tad less healthy: muffins, scones, balls of butter, syrup, and/or extra calories, etc.  Of course, you can always use healthier substitutes (canola oil instead of butter! honey instead of syrup! whole wheat flour instead of white flour! fewer calories as opposed to extra ones!), but let’s face it: the less healthy alternatives usually taste better.  And I really wouldn’t want to try making scones without butter (or at least some heavy cream).

But a certain goddess-chef I like to learn from posted a carrot cake pancake recipe that I found when I was looking for something crazy to make at my summer research program’s pancake-making contest.  It doesn’t have a drop (or wad) of fat in the recipe at all (though it does suggest the use of some butter for the griddle), and MOREOVER, it uses a whole bunch of carrots.  Carrots are healthy.  <3.

Grating carrots is SUPAR fun! I promise.

I love me some pancakes, but waffles are far superior.  And the griddle we have at home is pretttyyyyyyy gnarly, whereas my waffle iron is fairly new.  And I’m in love with it.  It has an temperature-adjusting knob so that you can find juuuuust the right temperature for making your waffles crispy on the outside but fluffy on the inside.  We get waffles at school with fancy crests, but they don’t have adjustable temperatures, and I’m pretty sure mine cost OVER 9000 times less than the ones at school.  And you think that’s an exaggeration?  Well, the chairs on the lawn outside allegedly cost $300 each, so I’m sure my school doesn’t mind dishing it out for custom waffle irons.

I followed the smitten kitchen recipe exactly, even though it was for pancakes and not waffles.  The batter comes out pretty thin and liquidy, and from my vast experience making pancakes and waffles, I’m pretty sure the only difference between pancake and waffle batter is that waffle batter is a bit more liquidy.  Add a bit more milk to your pancake batter and you can make waffles with it.  Or don’t, and I’m sure it’ll be fine.  Just to check, though, I looked at my trusty plain waffle recipe to get an idea of the proportion of flour to milk to leavening agent to egg that should be in waffles, and they were really pretty much the same.

I really liked how the wet ingredients looked.

So I whipped up some batter (best thing about waffles, aside from EATING THEM, of course, is how easy it is to make the batter), grabbed my brush that was probably marketed as a BBQ sauce-brushing brush but is now used solely for greasing my waffle iron because my mother doesn’t believe in PAM, and crafted this beauty:

Ain’t she purdy?

Sad, I know.  But still super tasty!  I think the problem with this batter is that the carrots (and there are a LOT of carrots.  I used three whole carrots, and the batter made just three waffles.  Granted, my waffle iron makes MASSIVEly thick waffles, but still.  You just ate one of my waffles?  You just ate a whole fuckin’ carrot.  BAM.  Healthy breakfast.) make the inside really soft.  I remember when I made pancakes, the outsides would get almost burnt, and the inside would still feel almost undone (but again, still extremely delicious.  My team won Best-Tasting Pancake for a reason).  This happened again with the waffles, so maybe next time I will try adding a tad fewer carrots (it’ll still be super healthy, I promise!) and see if that helps keep the waffle together.  The second time wasn’t so bad, though.


But then this happened:


Like I said, the waffle doesn’t stay together well…

The third attempt was really good, though ^_^

My brother ate most of the last waffle. He claimed he didn’t like it.


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